By the time Father Martin turned away from the spinning orb below, he knew, more than ever before, the destiny of his race. Mankind was meant for the stars.

Sent to Freyja, one of Earth’s most distant colonies, to complete his tertianship in the Jesuit Order, young priest Father Martin soon discovers that the universe holds a stark and alien beauty far beyond the warmth of mankind’s ancestral home. But when the idyllic peace is shattered by the sudden spark of a long-smoldering political feud, the priest suddenly finds himself embroiled in the center of a potentially devastating interstellar conflict.

Author Allen Shoff weaves an engaging and evocative story of hope in the midst of despair and humanity in the midst of injustice, grounded in Catholic philosophy and captivating characters. “The Fire Comes to Thérèse” is a new and exciting chapter in the wider world of contemplative science fiction.

Praise for The Fire Comes to Thérèse

A very enjoyable novel. It starts off slow and detailed, developing the universe first, and then the plot. Predicting endings as I read didn’t work, which is good. I’m looking forward to sequels / other books in the same universe.
Stephen Korsman

I’m glad I read Shoff’s “The Fire Comes to Thérèse” and I would recommend it to someone who enjoyed thoughtful science fiction. [T]he novel’s conclusion is masterful.
Benjamin A. Keil

This book was a a wonderful read. It weaves in hope along with political intrigue and unforeseen circumstances and choices. The characters are developed and I enjoyed the journey that I was taken on.
Leslie Hagg

Ship-to-ship combat in “Thérèse” reminds me of cold-war submarine duel fiction; tense, tragic, and brutal. If you want to get carried away by a convincing vision of humanity’s future, I’d recommend “Thérèse” to you every time.
David P.

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